Event Round 1
Round 2 Round 3
3x3 N/A Top 36 Top 16
3x3 One Handed 1:30 Top 16 -
3x3 Blindfolded 20:00 Cumulative - -
3x3 with Feet 6:00 - -
Fewest Moves Challenge WCA Limits - -
3x3 Multiple Blindfolded WCA Limits - -


  1. For round 1, the column indicates cutoff time. For other rounds, the column indicates how many people qualify for the round.
  2. Events with N/A have no cutoff. All cutoffs are in minutes.
  3. For events with Average of 5 format, a cutoff of X means first at least one of first two solves must be faster than X to get the remaining 3 solves. Otherwise, the competitor gets only 2 solves. For events with Mean of 3 format, the first solve must be faster than X to get the remaining 2 solves.
  4. A cumulative cutoff means there is no cutoff on individual solves but on the sum of those solves. Whenever the sum of the solves crosses the cutoff (with the timer running, in the middle of a solve), the solve will be stopped and recorded as DNF.